what this is, for not the site.
Urbandictionaryer: urbandictionary.com, contrary to popular belief, is NOT a real dictionary...
Some idiot: duhh im stupid and im going to protest....derrr
by BE ALL END ALL GOD February 24, 2005
A book that is useless when u have dictionary.com!
Oh my god! You use a dictionary? What a dumbass! Just go to dictionary.com.
by W&J September 27, 2003
a book where everything between the front and the back covers can be used as sexual slang or innuendo.
Same smart gangsta: Yo gurl, your... (reads) antidisestablishmentarianism is fine! What are they? Double D's?
by Da Big Sh*t June 19, 2005
this website
this website is a dictionary
by obviousman July 26, 2003
A huge book where dumbasses can't seem to find the word even if it was in type 72 and bold......ohh amd it tells you what a word means and how to prounounce it!!!! kinda like this website!!!! why would you look in the dictioanary if you could look here!!
hiiiii means : a way of greating
( seiriosly i looked it up in the book)!!!!!
by One of the dumb-asses!!!! June 01, 2004
it is a word that has these 3 words combined together, dic, tion and ary, there yah go
i was trying to find out a way.............to u no.....dictionary
by Poopy Pooperson May 02, 2005
A place to find words
"This story makes no sense! Well, at least it explains each word along the way. That's why its a dictionary."
by yarlex January 16, 2015

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