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a series of first person shooters that used be good. since modern warfare 2 it's nothing more then 8year olds screaming, camping, noobtubing, quickscoping, no-scoping, randomly running around knifing, and other acts that will surely get one killed, most likely "accidentally" shot by their own squad, during WWIII. Still, the campaign/offline multiplayer is rather good.
Do not ever buy call of duty for your 8year old son/brother!
by redharvest September 18, 2011
home of the french'd fries, also produces some of the best beer and chocolate in the world. Also home to lots of cats in the northern, dutch part, and lots of trees in the southern, french part.
I like belgian chocolate, it's so belgium-ish and chocolaty!
by redharvest August 01, 2011
small rodent, about twice the size of a hamster, very hyper active and the size of a fully grown hamster when young, but will grow lazy and fat. they're are not suited for any excercise and will mostly die if forced to any excess movement. though they only eat vegetables, some fruit, pellets, soft hay, grass and specialy developped food for rodents, they'll attempt to eat anything, as long as it's close enough to they're mouth. they sometimes may act blind for food, hoping to get more. many find them adorable and cute, and keep them as pet, as they're easier to care for then most other pets. they produce very high-pitched and loud noises when hungry or hearing a noise they relate to food or someone who bring them food, impossible for any creature not from the family of caviae, including humans. they're related to the capibara, world's biggest rodent, wich is sometimes also kept as a pet.

If you want to take a guinea pig as pet, remember that they're group animals and you're forced to buy multiple in order to avoid a depression. also, you should provide a compost bin, as guinea pigs produce much of that...
a fully plastic cage advised, else they'll throw much food away, hoping they'll get more and better food.
i love my guinea pig, he's fluffy and produces lots of manure for my plants in exchange for wortheless vegetables
by redharvest July 31, 2011
large book, not meant to be read entirely, but to looks up certain information, or just laugh at funny words
-this book lacks a good storyline
*dude you're reading a dictionary
by redharvest August 01, 2011

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