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You're an asshole.
-Demetri Martin is a genious and this was his joke about a dictionary.
by ilovedemetrimartin March 30, 2009
...You're an asshole.
...You're still an asshole. Lookin' up dictionary in a dictionary...jeez...
by Cameron Hughes October 18, 2008
Why are you looking up the definition of a dictionary, in a dictionary? You should really learn the basics of normal human society before you do something stupid like this again.
Those iditots working at Subway are so dumb that I bet they have to look up the word 'dictionary' in the dictionary
by dictionary>pictionary November 28, 2011
A person who eats or sucks dick.
Last night I got my dick sucked by dis dictionary ass bitch.
by Shaquan2009 April 29, 2009
*slaps you in the face

just go shoot yourself... really ...
... dictionary ... go away
by Net_Wraith_888 February 05, 2008
A book of many words; not to be read as a regular book of leisure, poses much fun if used for this though. especially when you get to the prefixes and suffixes. YEH!
Aardvark, aardwolf and aaron went on a walk on Ab to the abaca tree. they were taken aback by the giant abacus in front of them, they looked abaft to the abalone in the sea, then they abandoned ship. and i abate them all
by wonderboy March 30, 2005
A book or sorce of definitions not of oppinions or weirdo complaints about eachother.
IS this site really a Dictionary?
by Anonymous August 26, 2003