cooler form of 'dickless'
shut yo nappy as up dickles!
by kyle marx April 10, 2003
nickels that are worth 10 cents
i thought that i gave you a dickel not a nickel.
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
The word combo of dick and pickle.

Could refer to;
a pickle shaped like a dick
a dick that has been pickled (unlikely)
a person who you want to call a dick pickle

Originated at a restaurant when the cook intentionally served my table a platter with a pickle shaved like a dick.
"Eat a dickle."
"I don't want to eat that, it looks like a dickle."
"Shut up sloot, you love the dickle."
by sbdaghost September 29, 2012
a person who is being a dick and sour like a pickle. usually a man on his "man period".
My boyfriend's being a dickle right now, I wish he wasn't such a girl. Don't be a dickle. Dickle, wish you would just cry to your mom.
by burlygoldfish November 11, 2011
The feeling that you get on your junk when you're running and your boy get a little excited and start rubbing against the mesh lining of your shorts.

It's origins date back to 2008 to a mythical sage in Providence, RI. Having been afflicted by dickle for many years, he created this word and bestowed its glory on the entire running community.

Derives from the English Dick, the male reproductive organ, and tickle, a sensation to the nerves.
I was out for a 20 miler. Around mile 7 my meat and potatoes started rubbing against my shorts and I got a hard dickle.
by Brother Keithy March 04, 2011
1. Vulgar Slang. An unnaturally enlarged clitoris; mainly due to the abuse of steroids.

ORIGIN early 17th cent.: from Greek dickleitoris.
That wrestler chic I went out with last night had a dickle.
by Dr. C Down Derr May 18, 2010
To punch a male in the crotch, and then immediately start to tickle them in an attempt to cause excruciating pain, and excruciating embarrassment.
Marty: (angrily) No! No! No! You do not get to tickle someone after you PUNCH THEM IN THE CROTCH!
All (except Marty) Laugh
Conor: Hahaha, you just got dickled.
All continue to laugh.
by Orangeboy February 01, 2009

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