coolest word ever, originated from "dickless"
im saying the coolest word ever, "dickle"
by poopsie licious August 13, 2003
a persone who thinks there so kool nd amazing wen rlly there just guyss who act like dicks to hide the fact they have a small one
like tht guyis such a dickle. he isnt worth it
by bubles256 May 10, 2010

The annoying sensation one gets when he doesn't shake the dew off the daffodil, in which a little bit of liquid seepage comes out after urinating/sex.
I need to change my underwear because I made a dickle after I used the bathroom.
by cock swoggler March 14, 2010
A small penis, approximately the size of a dill pickle.
Oh, you don't want to date him. He has a dickle.
by Spaceman Jones March 06, 2010
When after taking a piss, you put your penis back into your pants and piss drips out of your dick. therefore, piss trickles out of your dick ,known as dickle.
" dude , i just dickled in my pants"
by i want to eat February 24, 2010
To tickle someone using your penis.
You better watch it or i'll dickle you!
by Megapriapism September 22, 2009
Someone who says stupid things on a day to day basis. Known to always use retard phrases and do retarded things. When using, sound better wen using with another funny word. Can be used to describe anyone who is generally a asshole
1)only dickle would say something like that.....
2)you are such a fuckin dickle...
by freeky ty June 23, 2009

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