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1. Vulgar Slang. An unnaturally enlarged clitoris; mainly due to the abuse of steroids.

ORIGIN early 17th cent.: from Greek dickleitoris.
That wrestler chic I went out with last night had a dickle.
by Dr. C Down Derr May 18, 2010
To punch a male in the crotch, and then immediately start to tickle them in an attempt to cause excruciating pain, and excruciating embarrassment.
Marty: (angrily) No! No! No! You do not get to tickle someone after you PUNCH THEM IN THE CROTCH!
All (except Marty) Laugh
Conor: Hahaha, you just got dickled.
All continue to laugh.
by Orangeboy February 01, 2009
To give a dickle; A type of foreplay, when the male pours pickle juice on his penis, and tells the girl to suck it. Therefore called a dickle.
Girl: Got pickle juice?
Guy: Yeah, why?
Girl: I'll give you a dickle (;
by Sallllly! August 08, 2008
a combination of a nickle and a dime. A dickle is equal to 15 cents.
It costs a dollar and a dickle.
by Takwale March 29, 2008
The act of participating in a game of foosball. Usually includes atleast two to four people.
Let's go play some dickle. Have you got a ball?
by NinthFloorSanford March 24, 2008
A penis that has not been used in a very long time and has become pickled thus rendering it useless.
Girl to girl friend: Gross! That old man just asked me to come home with him. Like I would ever touch his dickle!!!
by Jack Norman January 12, 2008
When your bellend is coated with a layer of saliva during felatio. (See 'Spickle')
"My Shitake is covered in dickle."
by Michael Bishop June 12, 2007