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a Clever trick to get someone to ask you "what's a dick for?"
Where You can then add your own punchline.
"Stacey, your such a dickfore.

"what's a dickfore??"

"What a tongue isn't for", "Making You Feel Good" ect.
by Triiforceboi January 31, 2008
A passing term used to describe someone or something indirectly. Normally this term ends with the receptor asking a question on the origin of the word, in which you reply "poopin silly"
Bill=Your a dick fore.
Bob=Whats a dick for?
Bill=Poopin Silly
by Carrot623 January 17, 2009
A mis-spelling of dickfor
Lose the e in dickfore, dickfor
by Ogal Finkelstein July 23, 2004
Sperm that has been left lying around on a : condom, towel, bedsheet, and in some cases a face.
"Ew! This room smells like dickfore.."
by fabregaslol June 25, 2009
A large nugget or buttplug. Huge douchebag. Hurtbag. A bag of hurt.
Yo Rob, " look at the guy over there, that guy is a fuckin dickfore fooooshoooooo!"
by dickfore123 August 01, 2009
What's a Dickfore?
Your such a fuckin dickfore.
by Anonymous March 17, 2003