To shoot a team mate in the face with a shotgun while playing a FPS
Wolf: Ill Dick Cheney your ass
Shell Cracker: lol you better not
by Gen-Wolf April 29, 2008
she changed her name from evil cunt vein to Penis Lock, and later to dick cheney, and since then has this walking evidence of parasite power been screwing with you americans, and it's hard to watch your whole country just fade away because of this Dick.
if anything says anything evil, dicks' spirit has been involved.
by Max March 10, 2005
A penis that is old and wrinkly. A Dick Cheney typically oozes semen randomly throughout the day, even while flacid.
Guy 1. "That old dude in the locker room had a Dick Cheney. Thing was just oozing jizz while he was standing there."

Guy 2. "That's fuckin disgusting, bro."
by WowDad August 07, 2011
when pull out, be it to shoot load on stomach or tits of the women and accidently shoot in the face, causing injury or not. a dick cheney. to be dick cheney'd

reference to the infamous hunting accident by the former vice president.
he went to blow on my chest and boom. dick cheney'd right in the eye
by cherryflavourednapalm September 06, 2010
" To "Dick Cheney" is to accidentally shoot a comrade in the junk.
"..sorry for the Dick Cheney there mate...i did not see you ...
by xigxag June 29, 2009
made money off the Iraq War
Dick Cheney made money off the Iraq War
by mybootyhadulike March 31, 2015
Former "Vice" president and the most facist man ever!
Dick Cheney is evil!
by TheWindows2000Guy December 23, 2010
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