A hired gun who will "accidently" shoot his own friends. He is old and was vice president of the USA for 8 horrible years. He had more power and authority than the actual president. He has strong republican values and that is why the world started to hate the US, becuase the rest of the world is liberal. Was the former CEO of Haliburton so he has business ties that further screwed the USA. Him and his Georgey left the USA in horrible condition, just to see if the democrats can make it better. Gave up by 2003 and with the supervision of G. Bush pointed the USA military at a random country (first he landed on Canada, then China, then landed on Iraq). Suspected robot because he is so old.
Dick Cheney is a dick.
by SilenceDogood January 14, 2010
The act of pulling out of a girl's mouth and blowing a juicy wad all over her face when she specifically said not to.
Tom forcefully pulled out of Betty's mouth, ignoring his desire to have her swallow his load, and fired off a mayonaise round onto her face. As the shock set in, he said "Sorry I thought you were a deer."
This is the proper way to perform a Dick Cheney.
by SuperFrickinAwesomeFoo October 22, 2009
A person of great evil from a galaxy far far away.
The first Seth Lord. George Lucas forgot to mention Dick Cheney was the first Seth Lord and the most evil. First name was changed from Darth to Dick, a dick is a dick no matter how you spell it.
Be careful Yoda, I just saw Dick Cheney learking in the hall.
by JeepLover April 17, 2009
Dick Cheney is the only acceptable person that everyone can call a NIGGER.
dude: I cant wait for dick cheney to fuckin die.
other dude: you mean that NIGGER.
by hellsangel August 11, 2006
A drinking game consisting of taking a shot of liquor followed by shot gunning a beer. Named after the former vice president of the United States and his hunting antics.
Get it girl! That Dick Cheney just got me all tipsy dawg.
by EASYbakeOVEN89 August 02, 2009
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