A freaking moron who accidentilly shot a civilian while hunting DOVESthe symbol of peace. Oh yeah and he also happens to be the vice president of the United States of America.
"This just in, while President George W. Bush is sending more and more young men & women to Iraq to die, his vice president, Dick Cheney{middle name "and balls"), is hunting down the universal symbol for peace, and in the process wounding innocent men. Oh the irony."

by assholecockknockerbastard February 18, 2006
the coldest motherfucker you'll ever meet.
Woman in passenger seat of car: Honey... Is that Dick Cheney over there?

Man driving car: Roll up the windows, dear.
by McShane September 20, 2009
Verb. The act of shooting someone square in the face with a shotgun.
"We were playing CS and Dan came around the corner right into my sights, so I Dick Cheney'd him."
by Johnny_Reb May 19, 2009
An individual who epitomises every famous flaw of modern America: Ignorance, blind-nationalism, unrestrained self-interest, and a strong bias towards violence when tackling any problem.

Of course, Dick Cheney is only a mythical figure. No one could really be that bad! He often appears in children's Theatre, where he is traditionally booed by the audience every time he comes on stage.

In popular culture, the character of Dick Cheney is often used to personify everything that intelligent voters would avoid in an election candidate.

The most famous folk-tale about Dick Cheney dates from 1820. In it, Cheney pursues his own interests and ends up invading a foreign nation under false pretences. In doing so, he severely destabilises the entire region and radicalises a new generation of terrorists against liberal-democratic society. Despite the thousands of civilian casualties, Cheney never apologises.

Of course, the various fictional exploits of Dick Cheney are too absurd as to be at all realistic! It is reassuring to know that such an outrage could never actually affect the real people of the world!
"One Dick Cheney is worth an unspecified amount of Iraqi citizens".

"We have nothing to fear but Dick Cheney himself."
by Cromwell20 June 11, 2009
Look up: Darth Vader.
If President Bush dies, Dick Cheney (aka Darth Vader) will be the leader of the Free World.
by ComFan August 30, 2007
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