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A person who uncontrollably has to jack off every guy in the room.
Guy 1: Hey I got with that Rach girl last night.
Guy 2: Aw man I know her, she's a total wagstaff.
by ay deniably October 21, 2011
Wagstaff is the last name of one of the greatest people you'll ever know. She is loud, obnoxious, and inclined to slap you every 2 seconds while laughing maniacally. She is 50 and fierce, and will totally ask you if you want to "bring your suit and go in the haaat tub."
"Oh my Gaaad, I totallypulled a Wagstaff when I just drove back from Jim Thorpe, PA and it was RAINING out, and all I had was a FUCKIN' MUFFIN!!"
by DanSmell the Avenger January 10, 2010
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