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An Invincible Man who has his own television special once a year on CBS after he leaves the Cryogenic holds of a new york laboratory. After his television special, he is frozen once again to retain his perpetual looks for all of eternity
When Nuclear Holocaust happens, Dick and Cockroaches will be the only thing still living.
by Chris.Pwn.J00 December 31, 2004
the game that rapes the craptastic halo series. killzone replaces pink aliens with horrifying helghast with red glowing eyes. it's hated by many who have not seen the light of what a console fps should be, but the experience of killzone completely oblatirates the ignorance of halo fags everywhere.
n00b: OMG i'm gonna play halo with my shitty plasma weapons and pink aliens

Well-Educated PS2 Owner: i'm going to throw knives at people's throats and rip them out, then cook a grenade and throw it at a horde of men, and then hide in the bushes. why do i do it? because i can't do that in halo, and i don't want to play online where everybody sounds the same.
by Chris.Pwn.J00 January 01, 2005
Another way of saying "cut and paste." cut and paste is a practice by manuscripts where they would actually cut and paste words on to a sheet of paper. This is integrated into most word processing softwares, and was first able to be done on the Apple II
I just cuntpasted that article and it shut her ass right up!
by Chris.Pwn.J00 July 22, 2005

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