the coolest kid ever! Very awesome has a great taste in music. And is the greatest person to be around. Hes also freaking gorgeous.
There is only one good dexter. Thats dexter mcgrew. hehe
by steve the crack whore April 23, 2009
Dexter is a popular TV show about a serial killer who only kills bad people. His method of killing is to kidnap them, wrap them up in plastic wrap, and stab them in the chest.

To 'Dexter' someone would be the equivalent to 'messing someone up'.
Person 1: What did that bitch say to you? Ooooh, i'm gonna dexter her so bad!!!
by Anon. Fox June 18, 2012
The act of lying or bullshitting someone with a serious face.
Oh yeah, I'ver herd that band .... dexter...
It's not true I was just dextering you.
by thypants December 01, 2011
A male child with large appendages including large hands, large feet, and an unusually strong interest in female breasts.
That damn Dexter is groping the womenfolk and they don't even know it.
by Arthur Picones September 06, 2011
Dexter is the single most important human being on planet Earth. Dexter's are Gods of music and dance who prefer to prance around the house in the nude to their favorite song, preferably with a Jameson Irish whiskey drink in hand. They are often known to speak the phrases "Whoooo, child!" and "Donna!" on a regular basis.
Praise the almighty Dexter.
by s.wagger December 26, 2013
a very smart, caring, amazing, cute boy. he will make an amazing boyfriend. they will never let you down, and are always there for you.
dexters make very good boyfriends, especially to katies. i love them.
by KSH! December 23, 2008
A very talented man, with a very unique taste in music. Typically you'll find him at Walmart stalking the shelves

He is 6' brown hair brown eyes, funny, fun to be around, very attractive,
I wish you dexter
by Memziers May 31, 2016
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