Pronunciation: \ˈdex-ter\
Function: noun

A person who is driving and texting at the same time, typically being observed swerving and not paying attention to the road.
Harrison: Whoa... look at that guy driving, he must be drunk or totally stoned.

Mike: No dude, he's trying to drive and txt. What a dumbass.

Harrison: Totally...he's a dexter.
by ruddster November 26, 2009
An amazing, shrimp lover, who loves to stomp on Hannah Montana Cd's. Also he owns his own labatory:D
Man, that's one cool jump on Hannah Montana Dexter xD
by .LaurenSyndrome. November 19, 2008
A term given to a nerdy kid. Short for poindexter.
Hey look at dexter over there with his glasses! Going to math class? Dexter.
by ChaseM October 16, 2007
Slang for dextromethorphan.
*How much* dexter did that guy drink?
by D.Psychosis November 24, 2006
one who sends dirty text messages.
Wow that girl is a dexter.
by Mikey Massas October 30, 2007
A really sweet boy who has his bad times is not a fighter but is known for his role at the fight club
Omg last night was awesome I had Dexter
holding me and he had a heart attack thingish and he
was all sore and the only person he wanted around was me
I was so scared when his
heart acted up I was crying and dug into
Keiras arm with my nails and then he was like
"Everyone but Melissa leave NOW!"
Then him and I
walked over to the hill by the
Max Bell Center and watched the sun
go down and the city lights and listened to the
cars go by and then we shared a cigar and a 2 smokes
And I was in his arms most of the time and yet he likes Andrea
by DazedGirl May 04, 2008

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