A glory-hunter
Steve: This guy I know says he supports Barcelona as they're the best club around.

Geoff: Wow, he is such a Dexter.
by barcasince05 March 16, 2010
One who is texting while drinking. A drunken texter.
I have totally ruined our friendship, sorry that I'm such a Dexter!
by ookoy February 21, 2011
used when joking about the act of stalking and killing someone who deserves it. arose from the popularity surrounding the showtime series "dexter," which follows the life of a vigilante serial killer.
"did you hear what he did?"
"yeah, we should dexter his ass."
by aviotomato March 26, 2009
A name given to a man who has the ability to tell you he loves you beyond your wildest dreams but still have a way of making you feel like the biggest bag of shit going
That guy has just been a right Dexter to me. There i was high on his words and there he goes kicking me in the stomach
by hadenough4now March 30, 2010
The act of finger-blasting your fartbox while tripping on dxm.
Charlie was tripping so hard that he gave himself a dexter in the middle of the party!
by CockNBalls54454 January 03, 2007
a person who is either addicted to or frequently uses the drug DXM
Look at that dexter, hes lost his mind!
by toucanman April 06, 2009
When a woman lies to a man about finishing her menstrual cycle in order to coerce him into sex. Either upon completion of, or during the act of sex it becomes clearly apparent that the woman is in fact still menstruating by the blood spatter visible both on the man, and on the surrounding area.

A direct reference to the TV show Dexter where the main character works as a blood spatter analyst with a severe dislike for evil-doers ( in this case lying women).
You dextered me!

I got dextered by my girlfriend last night.
by alfalfasprout July 06, 2010

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