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A text message containing a picture of homosexual man on man action or simply a picture of a naked man.

The recipient of a dext should be heterosexual and would not enjoy receiving the picture.
Aww god damnit, look at this dext Joel sent me. It's another picture of a guys cock.
by DanS01234 February 20, 2013
to send a text message while drunk, the digital cousin of drunk-dialing.
Man I was so drunk last night I tried to dext my ex for a booty call and send it to my grandma instead
by wordsmyth14 March 19, 2010
To dump/break up with, over text or SMS.
She is so rude. She just changed her facebook status on me, and I never saw her again. After two years of being together, she could have at least had the common courtesy to dext me.
by cc-$ July 08, 2009
Dext, or Dexting. It stands for dribble text(ing).

The act of txting someone half conscious, either late at night or really early in the morning, then re-reading the text the next morning and thinking WHAT?! i sound like a dribbler!
Hey Loren, sorry for that Dext last night.. I sound like a right Dribbling retard for texting that.. i couldnt even work out how to read your text, let alone text you back that late at night!
by x Klamtastic x September 11, 2009
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