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2 definitions by Vanheezy18

The result of superlative exposure to the sun, beyond that of a mere sunburn. A more efficient way of saying the quaint "third-degree sunburned"
Man, I passed out on the beach yesterday and totally got sunraped. I look like a freakin lobster.
by Vanheezy18 September 14, 2010
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a.) dating via text messaging: Dexting is most often practiced by males for whom actual dating is unfeasible and by nature the dexting relationship is invariably one-way. When asked, the female in the dexting relationship will be aloof to her "dexter"'s intentions and advances. Men most likely to be dexters are worm farmers, trekkies, and unemployed "artists".
(based on a true dexting experience)
dexter: Good morning beautiful
girl: lol...we haven't even met
dexter: i know u r tho
(8 hours later)
dexter: what are you doing
girl: hanging out w my friend
dexter: oh i see
(16 hours later)
dexter: So are you just not interested?! or do you dislike me or did i do something wrong?! I don't understand you.
girl: what?!
dexter: i can tell you're too wrapped up in yourself. It would never have worked between us.
by Vanheezy18 December 29, 2011
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