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A really good looking man (sometimes cute) who has a goofy personality and will make you all fluttery inside with his charm. Often laughs at everything just because. If he is Asian, he will probably talk really fast to the point where people will have to ask him to repeat it a couple times. Often called Chevron and Devy. If you ever meet Devron, give him a kiss.
Wow, that is totally Devron right there!
#charming #handsome #cute #laugh slut #good looking #butterflies #goofy
by misterwigglezzz November 02, 2011
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Someone who is bent on creating words on urbandictionary
Stop being a devron and leave urbandictionary alone
#bored #crazy #no life #. #..
by Tacoman546 August 16, 2006
Coined by mc jc of da HB posse.
Meaning:A way to say someone is an idiot or to express an angry emotion towards someone else.
man that boy be devron.
by josh carpenter December 17, 2004
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