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In Fiction, the name given to the symbols on the Stargate in the Movie and Television fanchise. They represent locations of other stargates in the 'network' and are used as waypoints to generate co-ordinates to find a particular stargate to travel to.
If you use these chevrons in this combination it would be bad because that leads to a stargate near a black hole and the earth will be sucked in. That would be very bad.
by WolvenSpectre July 24, 2008
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A name for over-expensive gasoline
Guy1: Lets go to Chevron to get some gas.
Guy2: No that Shell across the street is a dollar cheaper.
by MrDylanyay May 15, 2016
A shorthand term for anonymous sex. In the early 2000's , adults would meet at local gas stations searching for sex partners. Chevron, a popular gas station in the south, was one such station and the name became popularized as shorthand for anonymous sex.
My bootycall didn't work out, think I'm going to chevron tonight.
by clivejjameson March 29, 2016
A customized version of the Chevy Nova Coupé made in Argentina. / Historias/ Chevron%20Historia.htm
by Carlos Gardel May 20, 2008
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