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A man who is large, hairy, smokes cigars and likes to get drunk at Anime Conventions.

Also, a Dever who is drinking will attack the person nearest to him, that is, if that person is speaking.
Quit being a fucking dever!
by Sociable Eggplant May 20, 2006
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a word for the gayest, ugliest, most depressed, whiney, most up themselves person ever to live.
omg she is such a dever, why doesn't she just shut the fuck up already?
by RADCORE April 24, 2008
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To use your DVR.
I devered "The Office" last night so we can watch it this weekend.
by digireads February 05, 2010
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'i just lost 100 quid...devers!'
by matt tans December 14, 2008
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