Wanting or needing something so badly that you will do anything, even if its immoral, illegal, degrading, self-humiliating, or in poor taste.
The Yankees were so filled with desperation to win a game that A-Rod actually called out "mine" while running the bases, causing the third basemen of the Blue Jays to miss a 2-out pop fly.
by Dave from BKLN June 01, 2007
Top Definition
Sometimes used to provoke the opposite sex by not going to the bathroom and arousing the other sex when the said person who was practicing desperation pissed themselves.
Rachel was so sure that John liked desperation, that when she saw him watching her dance around, she just let go.
by BumofBerwick91 August 20, 2006
1. a desperate state of mind.
2. in dire staits.
3. in need of a bathroom.
1. "I can't put up with this much longer."
2. "I don't know how much longer I can hold out."
3. "I really need to pee....NOW!"
by ben November 18, 2003
A convenient anagram of 'a rope ends it'.
No other cure for desperation.
by MadTom August 12, 2004
The most fucking hardest emotion to deal with as a guy. Seriously, the desperation over women makes you want to kill yourself. All it takes is physical beauty, a sweet voice and seductive body language and facial expressions and a normal guy will be overpowered by such greed to want to fuck the beautiful goddess that he just met like 5 minutes ago. But once she decides to leave (in a teasing manner of course), it's like the feeling of having your money taking away, or someone who you really love and trust simply abandon you. Imagine a loved one or a friend promising to meet and spend time with you, only to abandon you and you'll realize the magnitude of the hell that single guys go through. Or try to imagine having to function without food or sleep.

Desperation can lead to anxiety depression and suicide. It's the Achilles heal of a man.
After watching a movie involving seduction and sex, so many guys will feel desperation, and envious at the fact that it didn't happen to them. It's painful and sad to be the ones who lose out in such a competitive and vicious game of sexuality.
by anonymous6812 December 05, 2008
adjective. used to describe something of lesser quality, but will fill the need in desperate times.
desperation toilet paper can be made with coffee filters or grain bags.
by dave4817 June 30, 2004
Being so hard-up to insult someone that you start going after their typos; or the same typo multiple times.
"Making fun of Jonah Goldberg for spelling errors is a sure sign of desperation."
by Eric February 04, 2004
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