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Anyone with the last name of Farrell is a descendant of King O'Fearghail. O'Farrell is defined as descendant of King O'Fearghail. Farrell is the American version of the very Irish name. It is also defined as man of valor (a badass in combat). However, not all Farrells come from a military background.

They love their beer and liquor, especially when it comes to whiskey. Typically on the tall end of things, including the women, and have a propensity to be physically active, although athleticism is usually not the case.
Person 1: I'm Farrell

Person 2: Does that mean you like booze?

Person 1: Duh
by 86no78 September 30, 2013
The art of taking a dump. Can be anything from soft serve, liquified, pebbles, the S turd, floaters, sinkers, or even the long ones that takes up the whole bowl where it comes out of the water (you know what I mean). Sometimes it's as bad as having to wipe your ankles. Also reffered to as dropping the kids off at the pool.
Man that Chinese food is messing with my stomach! I am going to have to take a Farrell all over that bathroom.
by Yea it's me August 12, 2014
when an adult male kisses an underage male on the lips
I can't believe Jim is so wasted that he just farrelled that kid.
by Simple Sean April 17, 2012
Someone who stays home for a week to play World Of Warcraft in their room making their friends worry about where they are because they don't even find the time to come on AIM and talk.
Liz: Wheres Mikee?
Kurwyne: Oh hes at home..
Liz: Agian?
Bryan: Yeah hes being a total Farrell.
by Jamie Hernendez January 21, 2007
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