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a nice, stable, flat surface used for sex
Let's use the desk this time!!
by Anonymous December 29, 2002
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Office furniture with a series of storage compartments (drawers) under a large flat surface that is covered with papery things, phones, computer monitors, etc, to hide tell-tale signs of super-mensal copulation.
Confucius say: Secretary not part of office furniture, unless screwed on desk
by idunnit November 04, 2004
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stable surface used for tasks at hand, including sexual acts
if you were my homework i'd be doing you on my desk
by megs April 21, 2004
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A challenging game involving commonly used stationery, cutlery, crockery, point-of-sale material, or anything else found on or around desks. Extreme desk can involve items found elsewhere in the office, which allow you to carry out a desk based move.
That game of desk blew my Shatners bassoon.
by DeskIt July 28, 2011
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1. Object of fornication
2. Convenient place to stab someone and store their body without those bloody police ever knowing!
3. Large flat surface on which you perform tasks assigned to you.
I am going to my desk to "take care" of Jennifer, my secretary.
by Werther September 19, 2002
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To reach an accord; to finalize a deal
It was a tough sell, but I finally desked the deal with Mr. Jenkins
by The Zim April 07, 2011
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A large often wooden or metal structure that provides a useful habitat for Asians and other work freaks. Though designed for usage in such a ways to do work and/or homework, it is often too cluttered with the procrastinated work and other miscellaneous objects like coffee mugs and chewed pencils. A desk may also be home to a computer or laptop which are fabricated to aid in the completion of the work and/or homework, but is often used mainly for Facebook, Twitter and other forums and screwed-up fantasy games for noobs and other procrastinating workers.
Student 1: "Where are you?"
Student 2: "I'm at my desk like every good little girl should be."
Student 1: "Oh. Doing homework?"
Student 2: "No... Looking up porn... :$ "
by YourFavoriteYorkies August 27, 2009
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