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Office furniture with a series of storage compartments (drawers) under a large flat surface that is covered with papery things, phones, computer monitors, etc, to hide tell-tale signs of super-mensal copulation.
Confucius say: Secretary not part of office furniture, unless screwed on desk
by idunnit November 04, 2004
adj., intensive form of stacked. Descriptive of human physique: Well built, muscled and athletic in the case of males, extremely attractive and shapely in the case of females.
She's got tits like funfair balloons, a waist that can hide behind a flagpole and an ass that could turn the washington monument to sand - she's stacked to the rafters man.
by idunnit October 28, 2004
Quality of being rad. See radliness.
Shawna's radness is insurpassable, she's cooler than Coolio, deafer than Mos Def, and shaggier than Shaq.
by idunnit May 04, 2005
1. n., Space available for purposes of fucking.

2. n., Location where fucking frequently occurs, a favourite location for fucking, or abode set up for purposes of fucking.

3. n., A term for a fuck buddy, usually female, a person used for sexual intercourse in exclusion to other forms of social intercourse.

4. n., Used as a disparaging term for a worthless, unsuccessful or socially inept person. See: fucktard, fuckwad, asswipe, retard, loser.

Sometimes incorrectly used as synonym for the internet.
1. The toolshed was cramped but offered enough fuckspace for an upright tryst.

2. We stuffed hay in some pillow cases, the roof was leaky and it smelled of horse, but it was our love shack, our very own little fuckspace.

3. What a sweet fuckspace my Alicia is! She's stacked to the rafters.

4. That fuckspace Andy is in the hoosegow again for dealing horse.
by idunnit October 28, 2004
The quality of being rad.

Also has the intensive forms: uber-rad(liness), ultra-rad(liness), super-rad(liness), hyper-rad(liness).
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are just brimming with radliness.
by idunnit May 03, 2005
In a rad way.
See also radness and radliness.
Spuds executed a triple backflip most radly, it looked like a stunt from Matrix.
Sheena wears her beauty pageant title radly, no fairer-than-thou bitch, she's everyone's pal.
by idunnit May 04, 2005
Partially sentient electronic device that Lain (and others of her anime rendered world) uses to connect to, and interface with the "Wired" (or "Weird") - Lain's universe equivalent of the Internet, except marginally less threatening: You can only get stalked, sucked in and induced to commit suicide if you're ditzy enough to visit the "Wired" while virtually naked and experiencing a trancey reality disconnect.
"Lain your new Navi has arrived, it's faster than a 386 and instantly translates your friends' japanese chatter into engrish text!"
by idunnit November 04, 2004

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