To all of you out of town Bitch's saying Denver is a "cowtown" or "mostly white" you bitch's need to learn your facts idiots. I live in Denver and it has alot of Black People and majority of the Population is Hispanic so watch your tongues assholes. And yes we do have ruff Ghetto's and Hoods like every other city. Every city has Hoods. Don't talk shit if you don't live out here. Out of town people always stereotype us people in DENVER as being "rich" or "all white city". Out here Denver we have a lot of mixed couples, Black People, and a whole lot of Hispanics, and some whites out here. P.s. assholes I've been threw Hoods like St, louis , Los Angeles, and Milwaukee and every city has its ruff places.
Out towner: Dude Denver's such a cowtown lol!

Me: do you even live out here?

Out towner: no I just searched it up on the internet.

Me: then you don't live out her shit talker
by marcus234 June 26, 2014
One of the most overrated cities in this country. Home of the Columbine shootings, John Ramsey killing, multiple church shootings, Ludlow massacre, etc. due to all the sickos that live in Colorado. The suicide rate is twice as high as the national average for a reason. Denver itself only boasts a population of 500,000, while the suburbs have more than 2,000,000. Most of the suburbs are filled with white, countrywood morons who don't know the definition of passing in the left lane. The people are extremely clicky and act like they are better than you. Don't tell anyone that you are from another state, or else feel resented. The city itself is completely overpriced, with bums begging for change on every corner. Downtown itself is nice, when compared to shitholes like Kansas City or Detroit, but otherwise it's full of snobs and assholes. The women are ugly as hell and think they are god's gift on earth. The city is completely dead every night, except when the Broncos win a game or the Rockies make the playoffs. Lodo is another gentrified neighborhood filled with yuppies and guppies needing a sense of direction. The rest of the city is full of people working for 8 dollars an hour while living with 5 roommates and hitting the bong every night.The mountain cities (Aspen, Vail, Breckenridge, etc.) is the real Colorado. Otherwise, have fun in Denver, where the cowtown mentality still exists. The kids in Denver are usually trying to act hard after moving from a bigger shithole state like Nebraska or Kansas. To them, cowtown Denver, is cosmopolitan. But if you put one of the undercover hill billy kids in a real city like Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Philly, etc. they'll get chewed up and spit out. Denver is for those who want to pretend they are in a big city but can't handle a real city with diversity, culture, momentum, parties, progress, etc.
I was driving in Denver last week, and everyone was driving 10 miles below the speed limit, staring at me, as I passed their buckets on the right.

Denver! The biggest cowtown in this country! Where everyone had a chip on their shoulder.
by Jennifer Keppler December 19, 2007
Nicknamed Mile High City for being exactly 5280 feet above sea level. It's a typical midwestern city with mountains. A lot of wanna-be gangsta's pretend Denver's hard and die for a street they never heard of. Even DJ Quik noted how Denver wants to be like Compton. It's full of mile high snobs and mountain hicks who think Burt Reynold jeans are always in style. It's also home to the stockyards show and rodeo's. Denver makes Dallas look like Miami. Crumbling roads, cracked windshields, constant brown clouds, people drive like they are in a funeral escort, more SUV's per capita than any other state, overpriced housing, asshole cops, speed traps everywhere, snow storms that shut the backwards city down, stuck up rude snobs, define Denver.
"I don't think they know, they too crazy for their own good
They need to stop watchin that "Colors" and "Boyz in the Hood"
Too busy claimin Sixties, tryin to be raw
And never ever seen the Shaw"

"But still my story ain't over cuz I got one more to tell
And the people of Colorado, they know it well
It was all in the news and if you don't remember
I had this show I did in Denver
With a punk ass promoter in a bunk ass skating rink
Bitches was loving it, but niggaz was shovin and shit
To the front of the stage to throw their gang signs
But I'm getting paid so I didn't pay it no mind
Then I poured out my brew onto their face and chest
then they start throwin soda, and fuckin up my guests
When it was over two niggaz needed stitches
Got cracked in they jaw for being punk ass bitches

Now Denver... <is jus lyke Compton>
Yeah y'all, Denver... <they wanna be like Compton, bitch>
And ya know that Oakland... <is jus lyke Compton>
Yeah y'all St. Louis... <we made it jus lyke Compton, fools>
Uh-huh, San Antonio... <is jus lyke Compton>
Yeah, and Denver... <they wanna be lyke Compton, punk ass niggaz!>
by Salvacia January 07, 2007
A very laid back city. Kind of like western, cowboy, midwestern and cosmopolitan city. It definitely has a very laid back western US feeling. It is kind of boring city with everyone doing their own thing. During the weekday everyone is in Denver and in the weekends everyone disperses. It is a diverse city with many ethnic groups living in Denver like Mexicans, Blacks and whites. It is a pretty dispersed city if the Greater Denver is included that includes Denver, Aurora, Thornton, etc., but if talking of Denver in a smaller term, Denver is a small city. It is a pretty rural city too, but there are big businesses and lot of sports and activities. The suburbs are kind of boring, but there are nice surrounding cities and towns like Boulder that is alive with energy. Cool city, little boring, definitely need to do things actively in order to not get bored. It is also a dry city with little water and humidity.
Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies, Denver Nuggets keep Denver moving.
by 423412e August 09, 2011
the most amazing guy on earth. he's sweet, kind, gentle, super funny, and sexy.
Denver is more than you're average joe.
by dawandecg September 08, 2011
A city in Colorado and also the capital.
Yo man did u here about that kid in Denver?

by Denver July 24, 2005
Home of rappers Young Doe, Interstate Ike and Black Pegasus, also home to Mexicans, Salvadorians, trailer park trash, Ski Bums, Black Nationalists, wild gangsters, Wangstas, Pot Heads, Yuppies, and College Kids. Contrary to popular belief We are not in the Midwest, we are more like Westmid we are not a white majority city. We know our directions because the mountains are west and betta belive we got the best green between NY and Cali. We are the drunkest and crunkest city in the United States of America (You can see that first hand downtown Thursday - Sunday). Our Mayor decided to build a airport in the middle of nowhere and our ass hole pigs kill about an average of 5-10 of us for no reason every year....But I love it here and if you dont feel free to kill your self cause I rep the 303 to the fullest!
Read the Infared across ya head Im bred king like simba/
Bolder (Boulder) than Denver I aint a mad rapper just an MC wit a Temper! - Common "Get 'Em High"
by Kid Wave August 15, 2008

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