Denver is easily the largest city in Colorado. it is a typical metropoltan city, very different from-the-happy go lucky ski bum mentality that is often associated with other Colorado Cities. Denver's population is mostly made up of White and Hispanic people, while Denver is not noted for its diversity it is by no means a "White city". Colfax is an infamous street that stretches from the front range all the way to the eastern most part of Denver and runs straight through the heart of downtown Denver..East Colfax is considered the "bad" end of town to most of the Denver population, and home to many violent gangs, bums and prostitutes. Denver is home to the Colorado Rockies, Denver Broncos, Colorado Avalanche, The Colorado Rapids,and The Denver Nuggets. The Avalanche are arguably one of the best NHL hockey teams ever to exist. in their 12 years of existance they have won two stanley cups and only failed to make a playoff appearance once! the people in Denver are typically friendly, Denver boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the country for a city its size, and is a quintessential stop for anyone planning a trip to Colorado. In short Denver is a large city with a small city mentality making it an enjoyable city for people of all sex, race ,ethnicity and age.
I Went to visit my sister in Denver because she goes to school at DU. i had the time of my life and needless to say will be going back ASAP!! you should go too! ps.. stay off of E.Colfax!
by Jakebakingcake April 21, 2008
describing something that is high both in quantity and quality i.e. good, uber, cool
"What's the weather like?"
"I heard it's gonna be Denver out."

Lord of the Rings is the Denver-tits of fantasy novels.
by Eli Pines May 11, 2008
The Mile High City located at exactly 5,280 feet above sea level. The capital and largest city of Colorado. Contrary to belief, it is NOT Midwestern but located on the Great Plains along the east front of the Rocky Mountains. Denver gets over 300 days of sunshine a year and is a great city to enjoy the great outdoors. Only in Denver can you get a tan and go snow skiing on the same day. The land east of Denver is the flattest land in the country, and is so flat that you can see the skyscrapers of downtown Denver from miles and miles away when your are in the middle of nowhere. Also contrary to popular belief, Denver is not very cold. The Rocky Mountains to the west act as a barrier and protect the city from all the snow that plagues the plains to the immediate east. When it does snow, it is not usually on the ground very long. The people of Denver are OK; not necessarily nice like in the South, but definitely not mean like New York or Boston. The Denver area has numerous suburban communities with cookie-cutter housing developments that look the exact same and continue unabated for miles across the plains. Denver has something for everyone. Its metro population of about 3 million has plenty of neighborhood bars, college students (the bars are usually for them), inner-city wiggers and gangbangers, wealthy suburban residents, middle-class residents and cowboys. Denver is a Rocky Mountain version of Dallas in my opinion.
I wouldn't mind living in Denver if I had family there.
by krock1dk March 28, 2008
a nug of weed.

dervied from the Denver Nuggets.
hey, dude, i just got paid. lets pick up some denver.
by pamelasm June 01, 2007
A name for a short filino dog eater that eats too much messican food.
John: Damn, that bitch denver is pissing me off!
Jack: I know homes, we need to check that bitch.
by neesay March 03, 2008

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