A bad a** mother f*cker who is an average guy who gets all the women!
by Bobby hernandezzzz January 08, 2012
Nut Sack, Nuggets, Balls, Testies.
"Get my Denvers!" as in "get my Nuggets", as in Denver Nuggets.

Get these Nuggets!
by tompat March 30, 2011
A term for female anatomy. Vagina, usually unshaven.
1) She had a beautiful dripping denver.
2) I was totally bending denver when her mom busted in the room.
by bending denver October 16, 2008
Dope City of around 566,000 people (as of 2006) very segregated (Latins in the West, Blacks in the East/North East, White in the South and all around the burbs)known for the Denver Omlet, John Elway and is also where DJ Quik got his head cracked for talking sideways about a couple of gang bangers. He then went on to create that song dissing Denver. He squashed the beef though he comes to the city now and shows love. Lil Wayne and Juelz Santanna also dissed Denver after Juelz got robbed for his chain... The people are annoying as hell, stuck up, and narrow minded but some are nice as well. We have our share of good places (Washington Park, Cherry Creek, Hilltop) and bad places (Five Points, Park Hill, East Colfax, Montbello) but its just like any city in America...with the exception of all the bizzarre murders and school shootings
Denver where IM AT
BRUH DENVERs where Im at!
where u still a mile high when u steppin off the JET!
by Petey Tumz April 20, 2008
An amazing girl, that is thoughtful, intelligent, gorgeous, and just down to earth. Denver's usually are redhead's/ginger's and get all the guys. Denver's are the rare's out there!
If you ever meet a Denver, keep her close. She's one of a kind!
by degr March 25, 2014
1. (adj.) when someone or something is especially cool, in the most literal sense.

2. (adj.) the new "fetch."

Often confused with: Denver (N), a city in Colorado. Although the adjective is derived from the cool nature of the city, the word takes on new meaning in a vernacular context.
"Wow, Jack you're looking so denver today!“
“That's a denver idea, Brian!"
“Sarah thinks denver is never gonna happen (but she's wrong)."
"Chloe is really denver at defining words."
by SEAS July 04, 2014
To all of you out of town Bitch's saying Denver is a "cowtown" or "mostly white" you bitch's need to learn your facts idiots. I live in Denver and it has alot of Black People and majority of the Population is Hispanic so watch your tongues assholes. And yes we do have ruff Ghetto's and Hoods like every other city. Every city has Hoods. Don't talk shit if you don't live out here. Out of town people always stereotype us people in DENVER as being "rich" or "all white city". Out here Denver we have a lot of mixed couples, Black People, and a whole lot of Hispanics, and some whites out here. P.s. assholes I've been threw Hoods like St, louis , Los Angeles, and Milwaukee and every city has its ruff places. And we got pretty girls out here.
Out towner: Dude Denver's such a cowtown lol!

Me: do you even live out here?

Out towner: no I just searched it up on the internet.

Me: then you don't live out her shit talker
by marcus234 June 26, 2014

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