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Dend is a positive word often used along the same lines as safe and sick
James: Ahh mate are they some new garms!?
Lee: Yeah man they're Dend huh?
James: Yeah mate! they're well Dend!
by sodender May 16, 2011
A complete and utter moron.
A whinning Tard
An Idiot
Hey, your acting like a dend !
I had my name changed, now i'm a dend !
by Canabys January 24, 2005
A Word Used in place of the Name Canabys
Dend, a fictional character heroically attack and alliance encampment when the locals saw him they named him Dend.

the common speak word for Canabys (World of Warcraft)

Would like to say thanks to the fuckers that had to bitch about a fucking name to get it changed. You are truly a sack of shit that is weak and caters to those that are stronger then you. Fucking weak ass cunts can't handle a fucking name that doesn't offend or hurt you in anyway.

If you read this you know whe the fuck you are. PUssy mother fucker



Lets go behind the school and smoke some dend
by Bob January 18, 2005
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