Awesome as metal band from Mildura in Australia. With influences from Megadeth, Delian League, Dream Theater, Metallica, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Metal Church, Iced Earth, Mudvayne and Slipknot. with their own unique metal sound these guys rock hard, hence the fact that "DEFCON are better than your favourite band!" - Keep A'rockin you guys.
me: hey dude, you see DEFCON last week?
guy: HELL YEAH! they kicked ass, best band of the day!
me: totally. lets go see them next time they play?
guy: sure! they rock!
by haha, an awesome fan. April 17, 2006
Underground convention in Las Vegas where hackers and programmers go to exchange their toys.
Geek 1: Yo, I got the Back Orifice program at Defcon!
Geek 2: Sweet! lets go hack some nubs!
by Bobby De Niro April 26, 2005
Political pollster's term for defecation constant wherein a percentage of data used in projecting election results based on exit polls is assumed to be shit because voters say one thing to be seen as having voted for the winner but actually voted for their enlightened self-interest.
Fucking Defcon is 87.6%, Mondale is fucked.
by Percy Dovetonsils III July 30, 2003
A word used By Alfredo, to display sincear, approval and agreement.
"Hey so Jon we should hang tonight"
by Alfredo December 08, 2003
A hiphop or rap gansta with a prison record.
Fittycent was a defcon...he done time for shoplifting a Cuisinart.
by megnao flimpis July 20, 2003
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