dean is one of the best guys in the world. always smiling, laughing and making jokes. he always has the charm to make girls smile and is so worth having around. he's pretty sexy and loved by all who meet him. he is a sucker for girls and always goes all mushy and loveydovy for them but on the other had he can be a real tough nut. deans are always the best company and always make your day, even wen it was already the best day.
"coz once you go black you never go back and once you do wayne everybody else is whack, then she threw that ass back, back, back, then i fell to the mate and after that everything went black. tell 'em get the referee 'cause he can, get the knockout!" that song is dean's song
love ya lilone <3
by frangiepani August 10, 2011
A very banterous individual.
*On Tumblr*
Jen: Dean, I can't eat Skittles because I'm getting braces. What am I gonna do? D:
Dean: *Sends picture of Skittles*
Jen: Omg, I hate you.
Dean: *Sends picture of Skittles*
Dean: Sends 35 pictures of Skittles*
by MurderousMelodies March 05, 2012
Dean is known to be some-what of a ladie's man, With his handsome look's, charming manner and sharp witt he manage's to rapidly seduce many unsuspecting prey into falling madly in love with him before they have a chance to realize what has even happened.

Any woman lucky enough to have him by her side with his dignified aura and exquisite taste, feel's just like pretty woman herself. Although under this upper-class refined facade lurk's a wicked and flirtacious little boy, no matter what his age, alway's ready to participate in anything bad ass. When Dean hold's you in his arm's you have never felt safer or more adored. With a slightly addictive personality, you can only hope that you are the object of his addiction.
I wish I was a Dean. so I could reel in the pussay.
by Priceisright July 23, 2012

a.) true Dean's are -honest, kind, loving and generous. Any Dean who does not act in these ways is an imposter or should have been named differently.

b.)Tall gorgeous gentlemen who treat women respectfully. Adventurous and does amazing things for others. Usually have amazing wives & kids.

c.)Dean's reflect awesomeness. If not, it's a sad case of the wanna-be-a-dean.
Dude#1: That guy is a jerk.

Dude#2: What's his name?

Dude#1: I think it's Dean.

Dude#2: Nope. Dean's are awesome. Can't be Dean.
by the original DEAN October 23, 2012
The kind of guy that you Love for exactly who he is. Everything about him makes you smile. Once you meet him, you know there's something about him that's special but you can't quite place it at first. He's the guy that you end up in Love with and hope to spend the rest of your life with. He's absolutely amazing and perfect.
Dean is perfect, didn't you know?
by Lemonstori April 02, 2013
Swag. Tall, sexy and fit. Dean is a man dripping in swagger with a huge cock, Dean knows how to make the pussy drip.
"Mmm that Dean is just so fucking sexy! He makes my pussy so wet!"
by uaeneg May 30, 2012
Tall, beautiful man with dark hair and dark eyes. Musically gifted, and has a big heart(Even though he'll never admit it). And like everyone, he has his flaws, but overlook the small things and you'll have the perfect man. He's loyal, charming, and beautiful. Easy to be yourself with.
"Im hopelessly devoted to Dean"
"Dean is the one I want"
"Me and Dean go together like rama lama lama ke ding a de dinga a dong!"
by TwerkerFagg June 15, 2013
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