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Slang for "penis" or "cock", namely, the shaft of the penis.
Mexican penises can be referred to as Senor Deans, which sounds similar to "seen-your deans"
"Man, that guy has a big dean."
"I know, it was in my ass last night."
by Senor Dean April 03, 2006
489 486
pushy bitches who work for schools
The deans are whores
by Anonymous June 02, 2003
26 24
Swag. Tall, sexy and fit. Dean is a man dripping in swagger with a huge cock, Dean knows how to make the pussy drip.
"Mmm that Dean is just so fucking sexy! He makes my pussy so wet!"
by uaeneg May 30, 2012
10 15
hood nigga
damn dean is a hood nigga.
by darnell darnellson December 05, 2010
26 30
1. A likeable young man who has his life together in all the right places, except for one: his oldest and dirtiest pair of jeans. He’s oblivious to the uncomfortable circumstances these favorite jeans have placed him in with his family and friends.

2. In reference to a man who can’t get rid of his ratty jeans. He is in constant denial and insists on wearing them to any and every occasion.
a. “Ditch those jeans, Dean.”

b. “C’mon man, change into something nice, we’re goin’ the bars. Don’t be a Dean”.
by Series 1889 August 03, 2010
24 31
A person who is way cooler than a "syd"
In most cases a Dean is always right. All Dean's are born doing a project on jello
That is a dean they are perfect in every way
by Djedjwjkdhdjdkdj September 06, 2011
7 15
Verb - to assist in a prank, to validate a prankster's words
R - Hey, I've convinced this woman on the phone she owes five hundred dollars for repairs on the fence she fell into. She wants to talk to the manager.
D - I'll dean her for you and then allude to other ways she can pay the fine.
R - Nice.
by Chili-Dawg November 15, 2010
17 25