Slang for "penis" or "cock", namely, the shaft of the penis.
Mexican penises can be referred to as Senor Deans, which sounds similar to "seen-your deans"
"Man, that guy has a big dean."
"I know, it was in my ass last night."
by Senor Dean April 03, 2006
A name often chosen for fat Chinese boys, who often spend hours on end eating Cheetos and playing video games. Dean’s, although fat, often wear tight shirts – Proudly showing off their “muscle.” A Dean will typically sport a baby dick, often measuring between 2.5-3.0 in length. Although Dean’s may appear dumb, they are also often creative – Many times designing clothing such as T-Shirts, Hats, etc. If one is ever in need of a Dean, one is commonly found at your local McDonalds drive thru. In a Dean’s spare time, they will be found in the kitchen concocting their favorite type of chili. Deans, although non-muscular and fat, will often partake in athletic supplements such as protein shakes, creatine, and the like.
"You might want to watch what you eat, you're starting to look like a Dean."

"That shirt makes you look like a Dean."
by Dean Lover March 15, 2013
hood nigga
damn dean is a hood nigga.
by darnell darnellson December 05, 2010
Late 80's style Jeans that Dykes wear in modern times. They tend to rise up to the belly button with big pockets and no belt. Dyke + Jeans = Deans
Ragina and Debbie make a cute couple in their stylish Deans!
by scratchedtaint May 06, 2015
A person who is way cooler than a "syd"
In most cases a Dean is always right. All Dean's are born doing a project on jello
That is a dean they are perfect in every way
by Djedjwjkdhdjdkdj September 06, 2011
pushy bitches who work for schools
The deans are whores
by Anonymous June 02, 2003
an asshole abusive 16 year old who doenst know when to shut the fuck up. a hormonal redneck hick who always wants sex. makes girls feel bad about themselves. hits them bites them abusively. lives in ohio. fat and has a tiny dick. if u see him in the future stay away from him if possible not a very good guy.
Dean fucking hit me?!?!?! What should i do???
by sydlov June 12, 2015
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