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Short for the word dildo.
Stop being such a dil.
by biffula March 08, 2008
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Indian word for heart.
Don't ever break my dil, hot chocolate.
by brown sugar July 01, 2005
hindi meaning for heart, i think
heart, love, passion, dil
by harjit singh April 26, 2006
male anatomy: penis
I got's ta chill with all these girls on my dils
by dphrakt May 15, 2003
Daughter in law
Hey, my DIL is pregers, great news!
by kjfeathers January 19, 2013
Daughter In Law
My DIL really loves my son.
by Lauracoffee February 04, 2009
Noun. The term dil originates from Santa Barbara, CA, and is a literal reference to male genitalia and is synonymous with dick, penis, weener, etc. However in colloquial terms it is often used to refer to a person who is male. Often used in conjunction with the female form of the word clit.
How big was his dil?

Where the dils at?

Theres a good clit-to-dil ratio here.
by ess bee ell August 06, 2011

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