something hot!
Girl, i gotta deal ass outfit fa da club tonight!
by kbabesz June 05, 2009
1. A fit bird
2. Sexual action (received)
1. Check out that deal over there
2. I got a deal off that bird. Can be more specific e.g. I got hand deals off that bird or she gave me suck deals
or I woke up this morning with my bird with a boner so I made sure I got a deal off her.

Eg. A: I went to D Place last night.
B: Any deals there?
A: Yeah loads of fit deals
B: Get any deals?
A: Nah, but I put plenty in the bank.
by Rivermead_legend May 03, 2005
The complexities, or lackthereof, which comprises a personality.
What's their deal?
by ryan March 06, 2004
An endearing way to address one's friend; most often used in urban settings. syns: money, g, b, home skillet, negro
"He seemed to ignore, I said be for real/ She's not even worth it, to go raw deal"
-Ghoshface Killah
by Scalabrini March 03, 2004
super crazy sketch more than just normal skecthy behavior
damn that deal broad attacked a tow truck and gogate
by andrew December 13, 2003
it's a word with many meanings, and one of the best ones is that its another term for a penis. the word is especially used by talk show host david letterman, who often refers to the male apendage as a "deal" in his dirty jokes.
on letterman last night, they had the top 10 craziest valentine card messages. one said, "i knew you were mine when you didn't laugh at the size of my deal." it's a funny way to make a cock joke.
by PaperClipper February 12, 2008
Used to note an attractive member of the opposite sex.
Originates from the brotherhood Department of Extremely Attractive Ladies, which in short, is D.E.A.L.

1.Dave- Dude did you see that bird back there,...
Richie - Oh man....DEAL!!!!
by BRghghdddghdg November 28, 2007

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