1. (noun)The name of a famous statue made by Michaelangelo
2. (adj.)A Person with really great hair, that you just want to take a nap in it.
3. (adj.) A person who generally has great taste in music and is loved my everyone, most of the time.
1. Have you seen "David?" it's the most beautiful pieve of artwork I have ever witnessed in my entire life.

2. Have you seen his hair? He is so david.

3. Did you know that johnny liked that band? He is such a david.
by Calculatortron February 12, 2008
David is a person who rocks everyones sox.
Yu wanna meet this kid ! LIKE FOR REAL.
- david yur so hella tight i want yu in ma pants !
by HYU February 21, 2008
A BMF that does and gets what he wants. Someone that doesn't play by any particular rules, but is unusually charming and plays off of his looks. A David is always the funniest and inticing man of the hour.
Girl 1 "David was so funny at the party last night!"
Girl 2 "yeah, I didn't see who he went home with"
Girl 3 "I tried to take him home"
Girl 1 "I heard he gave that stuck up blonde model a Tony Danza!!"
by The Stig 34 March 06, 2008
A king of men! He will destroy giants and crush opponents. He is a true man. Not only will women flock to him because of his strength, but also because of his stark intelligence and wisdom. To anger him is to incur a wrath not seen since the age of Spartan warriors!
When I grow up, I want to be a David.
by Coimiceoir February 10, 2009
A David is god. Davids are usually smart, sexy, and kick and Thomas or Alex's ass. Davids usually have extremely large cocks.
Damn that pornstar is such David.
Here comes "The David". Hes my God.
by David Adomyian February 10, 2009
Best lover, this guy really knows how to show a woman a good time. David is the adonis of the male world, he's the alpha male, the main man. This man is a million times better than any Adrian. Every girl should have a David, they wont go back once they have had a piece of David
That guy with all those women must be a David
by Daffid February 02, 2010
Best hugger in the WORLD! enough said
That was such a david hug!

Hey YOU david hug me!
by yeeaaaaas February 27, 2009

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