Ignorant, funny, crazy, video game freak, sarcastic, ugly. The type of person who would beat on girls especially his sister who is loving generous and say sarcastic things "like DUH". He stays on the computer for God knows how long. He plays video games till his eyes fall out. He inhales almost anything that can fit in his mouth even rocks. He farts almost every thirty minutes and the stench could shrivel up your entire face in seconds.
use your head david
by A ROCKZ May 14, 2011
Tall. Lanky. Brown eyes that will penetrate right through you. Pale hands with long fingers that will please you. Intelligent, witty, adorable, loving. A liar. A manipulator. A foe, he is no friend, no real lover. He'll be there for you when you least expect it, and leave when you need him the most. Sweep you off your feet and then throw you off a cliff.
He's David.
by BitterBitter November 25, 2010
An attractive and charming male with a consuming porn addiction. He tends to smoke cigarettes in attempt to be "bad ass", and flirts with all the ladies (especially ladies by the name of Danielle) Despite his good looks and charming tendencies, David is actually a self-obsessed, professional liar who doesn't deserve anyone better than Lindsay Lohan.
I thought he was the man of my dreams, but then I realized, he's a David.
by straighttalker September 14, 2010
david is..superrr caaa-utttteeeee(:

really sweet!!

amazing bodyy<33 and faceeee(;

really niceeee and hilarioussss!!!
my dad loves him..and no hes not my boyfrienddd,yett<3
i love him so muchhh(:
by pearll(; August 28, 2011
A huge asshole that thinks his shit don't stink! He lies and is controlling. He will put you down and try to keep you there so you don't realize there are better guys out there! Davids are poisonous beings that should be left to live their miserable lives alone!
Man what a douche...He MUST be a David!
by widowermaker6969 August 18, 2011
Big balls and short cock shaft. Similar to a chode (wider than it is longer). But it is not wide. Simply short and rests upon balls. Usually hairy and bad odored.
At spring break a bunch of people decided to go streaking and in the process i saw a David. People with David's should simply not be nude in public.. EVER.
by Truth_Hurts_Lies_Kill March 02, 2011
Perverted basterd. trys to steal your gf. there is two ways u can tell that he has a boner like all the time: he always walks funny and his pants are always bulged out wen he comes out of the bathroom. he dreams that one day he will grow a second dick and fuck two porn stars at the same time. he thinks hes all that because he is good at kick ball. he dresses like a white trash gangster and thinks it makes him look cool wen he really looks like a dick. he shoves dildos up his ass in the cubbys wen he comes into class in the morning. all i can say is that he is a stuck up whore who has dated about every decent girl on the face of the planet.
Teacher- "David, what are you doing in the cubbys?"
David- "Nothiiiing...." (Hides dildo in lunch box) "nothing at all"
by o shit that is funny June 24, 2011
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