A cheating man whore. Usually thinks he's gods gift to woman, yet doesnt know how to keep his dick in his pants to save his life.
girl one- "Ugh did you hear about her boyfriend?"

girl two- "yea He's such a David..."
by my_forsaken_soul July 10, 2010
Under-appreciated and taken advantage of during coachella weekend. He will take the initiative but it goes unnoticed or unappreciated. He will have the master bedroom, make no mistake of this.
David booked that sweet ass house for coachella, but everyone is still whining.
by dr. oz face February 05, 2010
ok like this kid is straight up weird , once he had a jewfro like 60 feet tall , like king kong laid his ballsack on this teenagers head and it was sooooo anoying to look at like you would follow him with scissors and once he got antiqued and he got so pissed that he punched a door , like it was a hobo you see goin through your gabage looking good underwear to shit in , and all in all hes a good guy but damn , you do NOT want piss him off like he will judge you like he was god him self , like he will call you every name in the urban dictionary , and this kid is on habbo hotel like every moment of his life revolves around that game and another thing , hes never pulled of the shit , no not one girlfriend thats on facebook and is not a bbacon bitch , hes still my bro and i get by it
that kid needs to stop being a david
by The Unknown Black Creator July 25, 2011
Person who is usually short and laughs in a very annoying way. David has a very immature style of comical sense and has a very immature lifestyle in general. David plays the cello... well? He can be annoying to the extreme at times, but can also be slightly chill. He is considered to be a nice person... But also very important, he has the idea in his head that he knows everything all of a sudden, almost a "know-it-all" type of person, but not reaching that far; just trying to explain everything right at the moment of hearing it. You can also use the word "david" in a sentence if someone is talking too much about something, not even knowing the subject. But dont take me wrong, he is still a very cool person.
person 1: "yea, and then you like, shake the salt onto the fries 3 TIMES! so that it blends in with everything else, and then you have to like add pepper. But you have to wait before you add the pepper so that the salt sinks in, and the steam of the fries like adds onto everything else... etc."

person 2: "DUDE! STOP DAVIDING!" or "dude shut up, ur being a david."
by personofthepeople. April 13, 2010
The most gay kid in school
that kid is so gay he is a "David
by azzazz October 19, 2010
a david is a gay and over dramatic person, who loves to fuck over people. he also things its funny to crash 70,000 dollar cars. yes thats right, hes a fuck up. and talks like a women. no joke. hes stupid too and ugly!
that guy is so david
by poobear11111111111111111111111 September 25, 2010
A smelly farmer who doesnt take showers and doesnt believe choclate milk comes from a brown cow.
Ewwww David smells!
by taydice July 21, 2010

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