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(v.) Overzealously removing anal beads from one's ass, as in pulling the start cord of a lawn mower, which may often times result in the loss of bowel control.
Instead of plopping them out one at a time as one is supposed to as is proper anal bead etiquette, he lawn mowered her corn hole. To which she replied, "Fuck me in the shit!", and so he did.
by jason just January 05, 2005
When you insert a strand of anal beads into your girlfriends asshole then yank them out like your pull starting a lawn mower.
You should have seen the look on that bitch's face when I gave her the lawn mower when she wasn't expecting it.
by Dirty Mexi March 21, 2003
An alcoholic beverage containing vodka and wheatgrass juice. Invented by Homer Simpson from episode 5F19 of The Simpsons, "When You Dish Upon a Star."
Ron Howard: (sniffing Homer's breath) Do I smell vodka ... and wheatgrass?
Homer: It's called a lawnmower, I invented it, do you want one?
by Cintari May 18, 2008
When one pulls out anal beads in the same manner as starting a lawnmower, sternly and quickly. May cause extreme flatus and defication.
Although Travis said, "pull out those beads, but not too fast," Monty gave him the lawnmower. There was p00p all over that d00d.
by the d00d September 24, 2006
A sexual manuever in which an individual has his/her partner pull large anal beads out of their ass so fast and hard it looks like they are trying to start a lawnmower.
Why is Allan walking so funny? I guess his girl gave him another lawnmower last night.
by PlayDoc October 25, 2006
an annoyingly loud machine, used to shorten the length of grass at all hours of the day.
The evil lawn mower woke me up at 8am when they started cutting the grass outside.
by annomus8 May 10, 2011
A small cheap/inexpensive car such as a Honda Civic with a huge spoiler on the back.
I could just grab the back of that Civic and mow my lawn with it.
by Charon October 13, 2004
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