Usually a person with a shrinkled penis.
Wow! Seamus has a David!
by Seamus Gleasom April 29, 2011
An awsome guy, kinda sorta loves Brooke Thomas. <3
if you ask this david... he will most definitely say his middle name is lee.
by lookapenny November 02, 2010
usually i bald and fat guy. sometimes funny but usually a fag. sometmes refered too as a fifty-three
hey look at that david, i wouldnt want to be him
by sunnyhigh April 04, 2011
Thinks He's better than everyone, always a bully and thinks He's always right, but in all reality is just an ASS..
Man, that guy is such a david!
by nooonnnan January 19, 2011
A David is a power hungry freak bent on world domination. Davids have haircuts and wear sweater vests. They don't have time for furry animals and run all things in the world. They take pride in throwing laptops and hitting people on their craniums. They generally travel in clumps, and enjoy singing. This is based on my good friend david beckham.
"Hey David. You are a nerd bent on world domination."
by ladygagaandgeorgebushcollide February 17, 2010
A selfish, egotistical wanktard who is the asswhole of the world. David is know for compulsive lying, cheating, philandering and telling half truths stated in such a way where it seems like he's telling the whole truth. Also know for having radical personality changes mostly associated with people suffering from bipolar disorder. Other than these small set backs, he is still not the person you would want to be stranded on an island with.
Man, I really hate that guy! He's such a david!
by Julie235 March 20, 2011
A boy who likes to work on his pec until he achieves orgasm.
David Likes to work on his pec to the point of ejaculation.
by David Johnson Pecker August 29, 2010

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