A guy who thinks he is a real player but when it comes down to it hes just a grimmy ass boy who tries to fuck anything that breaths
David: hey you got a nice ass.!
Girl: uhmm i have a bf??
David: and that matters why???
by gjfhlasdg May 14, 2010
someone who cant sing, not funny, and will never get anywhere in life. and needs a lot of help! he is a very LOUD and annoying person who doesnt know when to shut up!
david g. from the howard mseip program
A horribly insane, very smiley, tall, often smelly, awkward, star trek obsessed guy.
Ugh, David is so weird.
by NKOakwar February 16, 2010
david is normally very good looking and has abbs. This means hes also very much a 'doosher' and is a player. He will go through the whole school of girls in just one year. BEWARE : he will play you like a sucker and embasress you infornt of everyone , people you know and dont.
ooh god , have you seeen all of his girlfriends? he muct be a david.
by hahahahhahahhahahahhhahhahahga December 13, 2009
A small brittle man who will have or has a rogue tooth protruding from their gums, usually in the upper left side. They tend to buy fancy things to try and compensate for their small frame. ie. Fancy cars, big Screen TV's etc.
Bystander : "Look at that rich donk over there...."

Friend: "he's not rich, he's just a David trying to compensate for his short comings"
by Jaxosere November 18, 2009
1)a type of scatchy material used to wipe your ass
2)a guy who walks around in a towel
3)an annoying person who sleeps all day and doesnt do their homework
1)dude my ass is sore from using a david
2)why's he walking in a towel? oh hes just a david
3)stop being such a david and do your homework!
by moe0 November 21, 2008
To miss things that are right in front of YOU! Like are u blind?!?!?!
OMFG!!! watta david!!
by ________ loves David! February 26, 2009

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