A complete fagot with absolutely no friends what so ever and has no redeeming qualities and is not to be treated with respect or diginity he also has a snagged tooth and has been no to cry in his room with action figure collection while playing video games nonstop for 3 day straight and is a minority(serbian) and comes from a non real country
da Vid you Being a Da Vid go home no one wants you here
by Da vid hatter February 12, 2010
He is a very weird kid, yet funny. He thinks he gets girls by getting tits on chattroulette. He has an abnormally small dick. He loves black women. He is suckish at WoW and getting tits.
Zach: David you have a chode. Miah will never love you.

David: FUCK!

by BLACKDICK March 03, 2012
Usually fat and chubby. Drinks a lot of coffee and only comes out of his room once a day to make a shite. God knows what he does all day in his room by himself (wink wink)!!
Guy 1: That guy is such a David

Guy 2: I know, Fat Bastard
by Sarah and Peter January 02, 2012
Someone who sucks ass at school.
Stop being a david
by caspien5 June 06, 2011
A riddle. A myth. A mystery. One would think he is a fit and healthy fella with a body to yearn for, but one would be wrong!
For behold the paunch that surprises you beyond all reason and grabs hold of your attention like no other body part ever can!
David is a mystery mystery to most including himself as he stares down, every single day, at the growing anomaly, that seems to have a life of its own!
Such is the bane of David's existence, for he is doomed to go through life carry this burden (quite literally) around
Oh my God! Have you seen her! She almost looks like a David!
by coolguy465 May 20, 2011
A person who is very Rattled
Oh my God he is so rattled like a David
by ChillForLife May 13, 2011
n. a type of spoon that is a size between a serving spoon and a soup spoon. It usually is difficult to organize in a utensil drawer.

n. (slang) a finger
I just cant find anywhere to put this David! I never really use it either....THANKS GRANDMA!

I just hit my David with a hammer!
by Chew Toe Buckle December 03, 2010

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