The creases on a guy outlining his hips, leading to the down under
DAMN! Look at Brad Pitt's beautiful davids in Fight Club!
by iChris May 23, 2005
1. The name of the absolute best boyfriend ever! He's cool, hot, fun, and has the funniest personality. He has a heart of gold and nobody could ever ask for more. Everyone loves him and he gives out the best advice!
2. A nerdy gamer
3. A pokémon addict
4. A pervert with no shame
Girl 1: Did you see that nerdy David over there?! He is such a dork.
Girl 2: Hey I wanna marry that David!!
by HlovesD September 08, 2013
David is everything he knows he is, but still seeks the love of others. His heart is as deep as his mind, and he yearns to share it with those around him. Tall, kind-hearted, daring, handsome but shy; he could go days, months, or years waiting to tell the person he wants that it's him they deserve. Consider the David you meet to be one of a kind, get to know him, and treat him that way; he'll return the favor.
I kept chasing pointless things, and then I found David.
by Catholic<3 January 15, 2013
David is an honest caring gentleman. Tall dark and handsome! He will treat you like a princess. He puts others before himself everyday. He is intelligent brave understanding and will stand by you no matter what. Not to mention he is excellent in bed! David is a three in one deal: funny, nerdy, and sexy!! He will cheer you up, make you laugh, and make you cry (happy tears). He is the sweetest guy, do not ever take him for granted. Be careful what you wish for, cause he will make you’re your wishes come true! The most amazing person, I’ve ever met, my best friend, and soul mate David.
Wow I wish my boyfriend was David.
You're so lucky to be with David.
by rebeccaodie333 November 19, 2012
1. Mexican. 2. Awesome and AMAZING. 3; Best Person in the whole wide world. Is super duper cute and great.

4. Has Adorable brown eyes! 5. TOTAL turn on just saying,
Very Unique (ad'j) Plays Call Of Duty and Minecraft.

A person who is the best boyfriend.
Dude, Hes a David, because he plays games all day ;)
by HelloKittyAsian May 27, 2011
o..o My Pet, Cookie, Inu, Juicy and whatever else I happen to call him. He's sweet, good looking and himself, that's all that matters O:< so HA

btw. Pancakes.
David nearly peed laughing reading all these other definitions O:< nuff said.
by PossiblyPudding November 16, 2010
Someone who loves his mother, and hugs his grandmother.
Did you know that David loves his mother, and hugs his grandmother?
by Crawling Stoner June 25, 2013

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