;(n.) This guy is everything someone wants to be. He has everything in him that a girl looks for (yes ladies, that means a big dick). He's mainly the athletic type and loves gettin' dat' ass. Ladies, this is the man you want in bed with you; he's gentle but loves to get dirty...and you'll like him when he's dirty. He'll get all down on you and trust me, you won't say no. when he's going down, he gets to work.
Davids are usually have chisled muscles and are just amazing. You can't get much better than a David...unless your God himself.
david's, (slang)dave, (v.)dave'n
Nick came down on me likea david lastnight.
by Chafed Nipple April 13, 2011
david is perfect.
by b000m January 12, 2012
a guy who likes to joke around but can be serious. sometimes acts stupid but very smart. good looking.
He is a total David.
by warrior42 December 27, 2011
The best man to ever date! He's kind, caring, sweet, likes someone for who they are and not what they look like, and is super sexy, and fun loving. He respects the girl he's with. Isn't always very talkative but knows just what to say. Is shy and quiet around other people/friends, but when he gets to know them he doesn't shut up. Gotta love this guy. He's the "nice guy", but nice guys are the best to date!
I wish I was dating David!
by smokinhotgf December 15, 2012
David is the kind of friend you never want to lose. Although slightly cocky, he always makes people smile because of his smile and knows how to cheer people up and what to say to make you feel better. He's always positive and sees the good in everything. He's extremely fun to be around even though he believes he is god which he is not. He's smart and funny and really tall. If he cares about something or someone he'll care more than anyone in the world and not give up on it/him/her no matter what. He keeps secrets really well, which is extremely annoying when you want to know something but it means he's loyal and trustworthy. He's also impossible to argue with because he refuses to give in even when he knows he's wrong. Oh and he has the best turtle face ever. And he should really speak scottish one time. :D
I really miss david, david is weird, david the turtle
by Meeeeeeeeeeeee December 07, 2012
David - very cute , sensitive , caring , athletic , can be mean if someone gets on his nerves. But usually loving and a person who isn't afraid to say anything. Knows how to have a good time

but can be selfish also. He usually thinks about love and pushes the ones he love away from him then gets mad/upset. But over all a good person. And his best friend is usually a female . Also very tall and usually skinny boy.
Girl do you know David?

Girl 2 - GIRRL He's soo loving
by ashley bottom April 04, 2012
A Person With A Normally Huge Dick.
1. Woman : take it out !
2. Man : Ok ! * takes it out *
by DjpartyboiixD September 08, 2011

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