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Term for cigarette
"Yo Mark, could you spare a dave?"
"I'm gonna go have a dave"
"Did Herschel give you money so you could get a pack of daves?"
by The_Illusive_Man February 15, 2010
the "butch" partner in a lesbian relationship
"who do you think is the dave?"
by larist October 06, 2008
To go straight ahead. Used with Lewy and Dave; Left; Right; and Straight ahead. Named for David Ralph Lewis who in the mid 60's in Duluth Minnesota stole many cars for joyriding and to see how many times he could roll the cars. A pure manic who died of cancer at 27 years. Since then "Hang a Ralph", "Hang a Lewy" or "do a Dave" have entered the popular lexicon.
Do a Dave
by biker451 July 09, 2009
Used when you cba shouting the person's real name... People normally answer anyway especially to texts.
Me:'Oi Dave come here'
Matt: 'Okay'

Me: 'Yo Dave you okay? x'
Matt: 'Yeah Dave I'm fine you?'
by Sophie-Dave August 19, 2009
A way of greeting Thai transsexuals thus informing unsuspecting mates to the said Daves gender. Taken from BBC's Only Fools and Horses.
On seeing your friends chatting up a suspicious looking female approach the couple and open with the line 'Alright Dave?' Repeat till your drunken friend takes the hint or step back and enjoy.
by Petesear May 22, 2009
An obscure reference to Toby Keith's "Not as good as I once was" song in which he yells "oh ddaaaavvveee!". However, taken to the next extreme with a group of friends to mean basically everything and everyone. Very annoying and nonsensical. Can also be used as David (pronounced as Dave-Ed) or most commonly used as OHDAVID!?
Aaron: Oh hey Dave, did you Dave that Dave last Thursdave?
Boris: OhDave! I totally Daved the Dave on Mondave Dave! Oh Dave!
Aaron: ohhhh! that's great Dave! Well next time save some Dave for Dave!
Boris: OHDAVID!?
by MomoShiggens March 17, 2009
Slang term for Ketamine (in Bristol, UK)
Anyone got any Dave? What 15? Nah mate, tenner right.
by Donavan Bad Boy Smith October 02, 2008