Alternative for the anatomical term, "taint," which is the area between one's anus and his or her balls and/or vagina.
I bought a new G-string, but it's made from a very rough material. I'm not worried about my package, but I'm concerned it might irritate my dave.
by R. Nald April 25, 2009
Used as sarcasm in place of obviously
person1: the sky is blue
person2: Err Dave!
by edd ridgway November 30, 2006
Dave Matthews Band, the biggest Bro group on the face of this planet! Groups like Dave are Incubus and Sublime.
D00d, Me plus my gurl at a Dave concert = Br00ta1!
by [zook] LYMON June 22, 2009
When you are basically starving except with water. Being beyond thirst. When you are dave you could chug a silo full of water. See Hank for extreme hunger.
Dude, I'm so dave I could chug that pool.
by Hanktastic May 12, 2009
another term for a crap
"I need to lay a stinkin' dave"
by parrot123 June 04, 2009
An obscure reference to Toby Keith's "Not as good as I once was" song in which he yells "oh ddaaaavvveee!". However, taken to the next extreme with a group of friends to mean basically everything and everyone. Very annoying and nonsensical. Can also be used as David (pronounced as Dave-Ed) or most commonly used as OHDAVID!? Can be used as a question and a statement at the same time, hence the exclamation and question mark.
Aaron: Oh hey Dave, did you Dave that Dave last Thursdave?
Boris: OhDave! I totally Daved the Dave on Mondave Dave! Oh Dave!?
Aaron: ohhhh! that's great Dave! Well next time save some Dave for Dave!
Boris: OHDAVID!?
by Momoshiggens March 17, 2009
Rhyming slang - Dave (Grohl)/bog roll - usually orated loudly in a camping environment. Colloquially a Birmingham phrase.
"Alright mate, got any of that Dave? I'm touchin' cloth 'ere - gotta get meself to the sh1tter.."
by FoxBrummingRoustabout August 27, 2008

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