used as an alternative to the word CUNT but can be used for anything from prick to bitch
You're such a Dave today!
by brothers 1 and 10 August 09, 2011
Person who is a real bum. Just sits around the house and does nothing. First person when you go to a party that finds a beer and then the couch. When you go to his house is either sleeping or sitting on the couch. Has a opinion about everything. Someone who is lazy. Can be used in many different forms.
Can be used as "Bro get off the couch, your'e being such a Dave" Or turn your friends name into Dave

*Walk into a party* "Yup there goes Dave" (Actually "Mike" walking to the fridge and you know eventually the couch)
by dboifresh July 03, 2011
A married man who preys on young females.
Any one heard of Dave and Bathsheba, along with the hundreds of other women he slep with.
by alicatmeeooowwwww June 27, 2010
To dave something is to change the topic when you have nothing else to say. It's signified by announcing "DAVED."
What were we talking about, I dunno. let's dave it. DAVED.
by T.Soom July 23, 2010
A ginger loving faggot who spends all his time playing baseball and talking about Myrtle beach.
girl 1: there's this kid in my class he was so annoying.

girl2: his name was Dave right?

girl 1: yea!

girl 2: figures...
by Doctor Kekoo!!!!!!! May 06, 2011
To decline an invitation to a casual lunch accompanied by alcohol with work colleagues. But agree to meet for an alcoholic drink or several afterwards.

Usually a result of specific dietary requirements (i.e. kosher, lactose intolerance), previous lunch arrangements or laziness.
Sorry guys, I brought lunch today. I'll probably dave it.
by BroughtLunchToday September 01, 2010
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