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An amazing girl who knows just how to lift you up when you're down. She can kick your ass, but she's always there for you. Can be a bitch if you really piss her off. if you cross the line there's no going back with this girl. she is a true and honest friend and the best person you could ever have in your life.
"Man I wish I had a friend like Darrian."
by TSwift20 January 19, 2012
70 11
A girl's name which is in rare use in American society today.

Most Darrians tend to be fantastically fantastic in many things, which is a plausible explanation for why so few people are named this.

The average Darrian is usually one or more of the following:
Freaked out
"Hey, Darrian, what goes on?"

"I am SO (hungry/tired/amazed/freaked out)! You want a free gift card to IHOP?"

"SWEET! You're the greatest!"
by Grapes675 June 12, 2008
87 42
A Beautiful girl who is never a bitch. She always fits in and she is a good person wit ha whole heart and she also is very sexy
I wish I was a Darrian
by Anyno April 10, 2011
53 35
a sweet cute girl. nice smile, body and hair. is amused and excited easily. tends to be flirty, easy and always horny.
look at Darrian over there, damn. shes so fine all the boys want her.
by thatboynextdoor August 23, 2011
38 24
An educated and capricious male who for some strange reason feels compelled to add his own definition for his own name simply because every other definition describes a female, but who then gets distracted by the scroll bar and jumps from the bottom to the top of the page with increasing rapidity.
"Did you hear about Darrian?"
"No, what happened?"
"He ended up having a seizure because of his flashing computer."
"Why in the world was it flashing?"
"...The world may never know."
by Audiorgy14 November 27, 2011
26 22
A name given to the absolute laziest people on Earth, they won't even move a finger to save their best friends lives!
Did you hear about Darrian?" "What?" "Her friend was getting mugged in the alley , and she just watched them lose there college funds!" "What a freaking Darrian!
by This is Not Austin August 02, 2011
26 40