Apparently can't spell 'Sceptic'. Could just be an American (See bumper), but I don't know the guy, so my criticism seems unwarranted.
by Stooo March 23, 2003
Top Definition
Of three Coolest atheist, by far the second coolest. Followed by Soapy, and in the lead Anagnos.
Man DarkCobra's Black LUEsday topic was neat.
by Jordan April 14, 2003
A godly being; God among man. Famous for being a militant skeptic.
"DarkCobra will lead us to damnation!"
by Dark Cobra February 07, 2003
An atheist. Some like him, some don't.
Seriously, you need to lighten up. Insulting him all the time doesn't make you a big man.
by Kenox July 22, 2003
Atheist zealot afflicted with a severe case of teen angst. Will battle to the death if his "beliefs" are challenged, and will whine profusely while doing so.
"DarkCobra sure is a moron."
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
Stooo's a dumbass.
See above.
by Brad March 23, 2003
black mans trowsers snake
unleash the dark cobra
wow i want on will smiths dark cobra
by schocher March 25, 2003
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