Daisy is the the most gorgeous girl you will ever meet. She funny, smart,Skinny, tall, and the best friend in the whole word.also, she can be real emotional too.she might be shy and first but, when you know Her she's someone that you would have never expected. Once you fall for her there's no way of getting over her she the one you need. Also if you tick her off she can become a real b****. You could never miss her from a mile away.
Daisy is the best friend ever
by Daisy is the most pretty girl February 18, 2015
Someone who is not always what they seem to be... Due to the strictly stereotypical expectancy of those named 'Daisy', almost all Daisies you meet will not fulfil this stereotype. Daisy should never be underestimated.
Guy 1: So there was a new girl in my class today, her name was Daisy.
Guy 2: Was she blonde, giggly, girly all that stuff?
Guy 1: Nah, she was actually pretty cool, not at all what I would expect from someone named Daisy...
by Equoise November 03, 2014
Daisy is hot, sexy, loving, a great cuddled, and has a big ass!
OMG I want to fuck that Daisy
by Daisy * February 13, 2015
Adjective: When someone is feeling, looking or gennerally describing, good or fresh. Can also be used in a similar manner to having swag or swagger Derives from the term "fresh as a daisy". Can also be used sarcastically.
"I'm daisy bruv"

"That jacket is daisy mate"

Man 1: "you go out last night you look rough?"
(sarcastic) Man 2: "yes pal, I feel f**kin' daisy"
by profuk92 December 16, 2012
is the biggest ugliest, weridest, obessive with certain peopleist, craziest, randomist, like brandist and toasties in a bag and i dont like her. JOKEEEEEEINGHGGGGGGGG. She is the lovliest girl in the whole entire world, i want her babies and to get serious like crazy, she loves one direction and tom daley and her best friends in the ubber world. AND some people love her. sorry for being a cock block.
'OMG that girl is so daisy
by djfgjkldbgirewjgbbggwete October 24, 2012
When a girl is dressed only in a shirt and high heels.
I did the daisy when I got home from work last night and my boyfriend was all over me.
by SenoritaUnderpants May 09, 2014
Forever alone
-Who's She dating?
-Nobody, she's Daisy
by theknowitall101 January 20, 2014

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