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Crazy girl - you never know what she's feeling. Has a low-self esteem, but when she's high on life she's the best person to be around. Very funny.
Person 1 & 2: Bye Daisy!

Daisy: Bye guys! *leaves*

Person 1: She's so funny.

Person 2: I love Diasy!
by mwahahaHAHAlol November 28, 2009
Shes got a pretty face and is very bubbly when you get to know her, but if you dont she is very shy and barely speaks in big crowds! Shes so funny and accident pron. When Daisy falls in love she never lets go she likes the same boy for so long till she can barely love him no more.. She has a nice body and lovely hair:)
Shes such a cutie shes a daisy!
by Abbie Ryans August 16, 2011
A girl that doesnt believe it when people tell her she is beautiful no matter how many times you insist she is..
by the way.. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL
Me: Daisy your so pretty
Daisy: I'm so not
by Jayradd July 28, 2011
The most amazing person you will ever meet. She is beautiful and sweet and SKINNY(even though she wont ever admit it). She is heartbreakingly beautiful and as sweet as sugar. She is the best friend you can have and you would do anything for this amazing person. She can get anyone she likes because she is awesome. Daisy is a verry cool person to hang out with the best to hang out with.She will always be there if you have a problem.
look at that girl she's such a daisy
oh i want her, id do anything for that daisy.

im fat im ugly and no one likes me
dont be silly, you're a daisy. :)
by mingerworldwide August 04, 2011
a hot bitch ;)
guy1: hey look at that daisy!
guy2: yeah shes a hot bitch.
by yourmommy:P October 12, 2011
A smart and beautiful girl that loves to laugh. She's energetic and very fun to be around. At first she's shy but when you get to know her, she's nothing like you would think. Daisy may not be the most popular but people adore her. Some guys are even intimidated by her beauty. She can be very insecure (even though she has no reason to be) and will rely on people to help her gain confidence. She is a loyal and helpful friend. She will always be there for you to help you feel better and solve your problems. Daisy is very trustworthy if you have a strong relationship with her.
by her favorite person December 29, 2013
1) American slang (circa 1990s) for a pair of tight, short-cut blue-jean shorts worn by women to emphisize their legs and buttocks. Eponymously derived from the clothing worn by the character Daisy Duke on the popular(?)80s hicksplotation show _The Dukes of Hazzard_.
2) British rhyming slang for shoes. Derived from boots (shoes)= daisy roots, shortened to daisies.
1) "Man, those daisies are so tight on her ass they must've been painted on."
2) "Check out the flash daisies I got. I found 'em in the tube on a dead buskerwho was lying next to a broken guitar and a sheaf a' sheetmusic labeled 'The Best of Stryper'..."
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003