an adjective describing how you are feeling

it explains a state of mind that someone is particularlly in at that exact moment.

the state is typically one that is under the influence of alcohol or marijuana. (dancing/singing)

most naperville kids use the term, however the rate it is spreading is particularlly fast.
Person 1- yo im so daisy right now
Person 2- where the party?

example 2

Person 1 (on phone with friend)- ya Im a bit daisy and possibley cant drive
Mom (overhearing) - you picked a daisy? Why its winter!

(hence the fact that it is commonly used among teenagers and not adults)
by kj lingrow March 28, 2009
To talk about something that has already been said or spoken about among a group of friends or colleagues. To repeat needlessly a headline or story. To state, out loud, a story that you think you have seen before anyone else, yet haven't. To do a 'Daisy'
Did you know that the World Trade Centre was attacked by Terrorists? - Yeah thanks Daisy
by Janette Marshall May 25, 2009
A wannabe Flower that tries to look pretty but in truth, their ugly.
Did you see that daisy? soo ugly.
by xsympathy June 28, 2011
An act of masturbating and crying out the name of a best friend while they are sleeping near the masturbator to completely gross them out and right after he/she did that they would immediately get up and call their other best friend and tell them what they did.
"Dude i totally did a Daisy last night to Katie and she ran from the room shouting "No Homo! No Homo!"
by Kate the Great go Masterbate July 05, 2009
A small town country girl who's accent is so thick that you can't differentiate between english and spanish
Hey did you see that girl over there here accent was soo thick it was daisy
by tripp_deezy15 April 02, 2009
When u start laughing at:

1. Nothing
2. Something that is not funny
3. Something that is funny but u take it too far by laughing crazily

Sometimes you start to roll on the floor.
Sometimes you squint ur eyes and open ur mouth
people point at you
no one laughs with you... they laugh at you
R: HAHAHAHHA omg im having a daisy
M: Y?
R: Coz daisy is the coolest asian ever, i want to be asian so i could be cooler than her
M: Y?
R: Coz im just a box
by Joeoppp August 18, 2007
a retarded cow
that cow over there is such a Daisy
by LeslieCall18 April 01, 2009

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