a hot bitch ;)
guy1: hey look at that daisy!
guy2: yeah shes a hot bitch.
by yourmommy:P October 12, 2011
Daisy is the hottest girl you know, she is stunning in every way and has a great personality. She will like specific music and will live by that music. She will have a boyfriend who loves her and cares for her no matter what. She won't like football (soccer) untill her boyfriend gets her to watch it and will eventuallay love it!
It's Daisy!
by riquelme55 May 18, 2014
A girl you never knew you wanted or needed so bad, until you met her. Daisy is incredibly beautiful, but not typical- she is different but in the bestest of ways.

Daisy will normally associate herself with a certain group of friends, but even if that isn't you she is welcoming and loving.

Yes, sometimes quirky however, she will listen when you need her to. Daisy, is probably troubled with her own problems but will make time for you.
Thats her inside however, her exterior makes your jaw drop. Her hair long/short (it doesn't matter because it is perfect either way), her body isn't ridiculous- you can tell she eats well but can still be normal and have something sweet. Her eyes- almost a mix of the most stunning colours you can find with an added glimmer to them.
You want her to notice you... but you want her to be happy... because deep down you can't stop your mind from thinking about her... if only she felt the same.

Because you love her.
Daisy a rare human that embodies perfection
by odna February 10, 2015
The name of a girl who defines the limits in terms of appearance, personality, intellect. Daisy is the girl that every guy wants to date and the friend that every girl want to have. She is kind-hearted, thoughtful and a very nice person to be around. She is also a great guitarist and pianist who can play everything perfectly.
"I wish I was a Daisy"-everyone
by AStrangerUTrust January 17, 2015
utter perfection, stunning, lovely, dead on, lovely crack. prettiest girl ive ever met.
girl 1: she her over there

girl 2: yeah what about her?

girl 1: she looks like a daisy
by ginger12345 April 30, 2014
1) American slang (circa 1990s) for a pair of tight, short-cut blue-jean shorts worn by women to emphisize their legs and buttocks. Eponymously derived from the clothing worn by the character Daisy Duke on the popular(?)80s hicksplotation show _The Dukes of Hazzard_.
2) British rhyming slang for shoes. Derived from boots (shoes)= daisy roots, shortened to daisies.
1) "Man, those daisies are so tight on her ass they must've been painted on."
2) "Check out the flash daisies I got. I found 'em in the tube on a dead buskerwho was lying next to a broken guitar and a sheaf a' sheetmusic labeled 'The Best of Stryper'..."
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003
Daisy is the the most gorgeous girl you will ever meet. She funny, smart,Skinny, tall, and the best friend in the whole word.also, she can be real emotional too.she might be shy and first but, when you know Her she's someone that you would have never expected. Once you fall for her there's no way of getting over her she the one you need. Also if you tick her off she can become a real b****. You could never miss her from a mile away.
Daisy is the best friend ever
by Daisy is the most pretty girl February 18, 2015

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