Daisy is the name given to the most amazing girl to ever walk the earth.She is just perfect in every single way, she will deny that though,because she is super modest. Every time I see Daisy I get butterflies and to her voice gives me joy shivers.Daisy will have the most perfect beautiful eyes that you could stare into for all of eternity and hope they will look back into yours. Daisy is the most attractive girl you will ever lay your eyes upon and you would do anything to be with her for a single moment (including a 24 hour+ plane ride ;)) Daisy will just have this unexplainable quality about her that just draws you towards her and you never ever want to leave. she has the cutest, hottest and overall best taste in fashion in the world and everything she wears will look absolutely perfect on her, because she is perfect. ASDFGHJKL is the feeling you get from talking to Daisy among many other happy emotions. Daisy is the most lovable person in the world and anyone who thinks otherwise is just straight up wrong, those people suck. Daisy loves her family more than anything, she is the best sibling in the world .Daisy has a great sense of humor, she makes me cry with laughter.Thanks Daisy for being with me, making me feel special and loving me back. I'm not sure if you'll ever read this,but I hope if you do it made you smile. I'm pretty sure you can guess who this is. I love you so much. My life is 100 times better with you in it and I honestly can't imagine it without you. <3
Felix: "Dude,you're so lucky to have a Daisy in your life!"
Jake: "I know man, only the luckiest of guys can get a Daisy!"
Felix:"Are Daisy's really as perfect as you say they are?"
Jake "OMG, yes, like think of something perfect, times it by 1000 and you've got a Daisy
by nzninja99 September 12, 2014
Daisy is the hottest girl you know, she is stunning in every way and has a great personality. She will like specific music and will live by that music. She will have a boyfriend who loves her and cares for her no matter what. She won't like football (soccer) untill her boyfriend gets her to watch it and will eventuallay love it!
It's Daisy!
by riquelme55 May 18, 2014
utter perfection, stunning, lovely, dead on, lovely crack. prettiest girl ive ever met.
girl 1: she her over there

girl 2: yeah what about her?

girl 1: she looks like a daisy
by ginger12345 April 30, 2014
Someone who is not always what they seem to be... Due to the strictly stereotypical expectancy of those named 'Daisy', almost all Daisies you meet will not fulfil this stereotype. Daisy should never be underestimated.
Guy 1: So there was a new girl in my class today, her name was Daisy.
Guy 2: Was she blonde, giggly, girly all that stuff?
Guy 1: Nah, she was actually pretty cool, not at all what I would expect from someone named Daisy...
by Equoise November 03, 2014
When a girl is dressed only in a shirt and high heels.
I did the daisy when I got home from work last night and my boyfriend was all over me.
by SenoritaUnderpants May 09, 2014
Someone who is very affectionate and is not allowed to be enjoyed by anyone other than Sean Sweeney
Whenever I want a Daisy, I remember I can't have one.
by Dude what's good January 20, 2014
Adjective: When someone is feeling, looking or gennerally describing, good or fresh. Can also be used in a similar manner to having swag or swagger Derives from the term "fresh as a daisy". Can also be used sarcastically.
"I'm daisy bruv"

"That jacket is daisy mate"

Man 1: "you go out last night you look rough?"
(sarcastic) Man 2: "yes pal, I feel f**kin' daisy"
by profuk92 December 16, 2012

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