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A smart and beautiful girl that loves to laugh. She's energetic and very fun to be around. At first she's shy but when you get to know her, she's nothing like you would think. Daisy may not be the most popular but people adore her. Some guys are even intimidated by her beauty. She can be very insecure (even though she has no reason to be) and will rely on people to help her gain confidence. She is a loyal and helpful friend. She will always be there for you to help you feel better and solve your problems. Daisy is very trustworthy if you have a strong relationship with her.
by her favorite person December 29, 2013
3 0
is the biggest ugliest, weridest, obessive with certain peopleist, craziest, randomist, like brandist and toasties in a bag and i dont like her. JOKEEEEEEINGHGGGGGGGG. She is the lovliest girl in the whole entire world, i want her babies and to get serious like crazy, she loves one direction and tom daley and her best friends in the ubber world. AND some people love her. sorry for being a cock block.
'OMG that girl is so daisy
by djfgjkldbgirewjgbbggwete October 24, 2012
8 8
Someone who is very annoying and overly talkative. Says things that are irelivant too the conversation, attention seeking. Thinks that there attrective when really they look like a gruffalo. Takes the natural look a bit too far by not showering or shaving.
Person 1: do you wanna go swimming? Perosn 2: yeah sure
Daisy: look how skinning my legs are

That person won't stop talking about themselfs there being such a daisy.
by haggis plotter January 28, 2014
1 2
Forever alone
-Who's She dating?
-Nobody, she's Daisy
by theknowitall101 January 20, 2014
0 1
Adjective: When someone is feeling, looking or gennerally describing, good or fresh. Can also be used in a similar manner to having swag or swagger Derives from the term "fresh as a daisy". Can also be used sarcastically.
"I'm daisy bruv"

"That jacket is daisy mate"

Man 1: "you go out last night you look rough?"
(sarcastic) Man 2: "yes pal, I feel f**kin' daisy"
by profuk92 December 16, 2012
4 5
1. A type of flower. See also:

daffodil or rose

2. A euphemism for an attractive vagina (usually shaven haven). Usually used by women as an alternative to:

cunt, twat, pussy, bearded axe wound, bearded clam,
flange, fadge, badgers cave, qwim, clunge, minge and Aladdin's cave.

3. An unusually pathetically camp man. See also:

1."oocckk ay! what a lovely daisy growing in that fucking field.

2.(women speaking) Would you like to fuck my daisy?

(man speaking) Ruddy hell, your daisy is as bald as a badger. Man id love to stick my tongue up in your daisy.

3. Oi Barry, you're a bit of a daisy mate.
by HellField February 17, 2011
9 15
when suddenly youve realized that youre SUPER HIGH!
man im so daisy right now.

whoah!!! its like the daisy just crept on me man!
by getsilly!!! May 10, 2009
28 45